Under One Woof was designed so that no matter if it is thunder storming, snowing, or 100 degrees outside, your pets are always protected. Unlike any other kennel in the area, your pet has its own indoor potty yard. Having a private yard for your pet to use the bathroom ensures that your loved one will not be exposed to any other animal’s waste. This allows us to prevent spread of disease. 

Your pet’s living quarters include a raised bed to lay on, to stay cool and off the ground. In this area, they also have a station for their own food and water bowls. The living quarters and the potty yard are both 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, giving your dog 16 feet of space to run back and fourth as well as plenty of room to stretch out.

We love families and encourage parents to board members of a family together. We offer discounted rates for boarding family members together in the same suite.

We offer a $25 rate that does not include any out of room playtime. We recommend this option for dogs who cannot or do not want to be handled.


Dogs (Over Night Boarding Rates) Cats (Over Night Boarding Rates)

  • $25/night. Does not include any out of room playtime.
  • $35/night. Includes Two 10 minute playtimes a day.
  • $45/night. Includes Two 20 Minute playtimes a day.
  • $20 per additional dog in the same suite.

Dogs (Dayboarding Rates)

Drop off after 7 am and pick up before 7 pm on the same day for $20 / day

  • 1 Cat: $20 /day
  • 2 Cats in the same condo: $36 /day
  • 3 Cats in the same condo: $52 /day

Boarding add-ons

  • 15 minutes of 1-on-1 play in one of our play areas with a staff member: $9
  • Go Home Clean Bath: $25 for dogs under 50lbs; $35 for dogs over 50lbs
  • Daily cookie: $3
  • Frozen Stuffed Kong: $5
  • Pup Cup from Ritter’s Frozen Custard: $5/scoop
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